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Web Development and Design 

What is the difference between Web Design and Development?

they are two different things…

Web Design

Refers to only the aesthetics and usability of a website. During this process, we will use design principles to help make the website look and feel unique to your brand and company. 

Web Development

On the other hand, takes the design and turns it into an actual working and functioning website. This involves coding and the use of programming languages to turn the designs into life.

Why Choose RDigital?

RDigital provide the full package, streamlining and can reduce inefficiency. 

All good designs comes from good and thorough research. RDigital will do extensive and in-depth research about your company to generate ideas of how your website should look and feel. Making it unique to your company.

Once a design is confirmed and chosen, the developmental stage will begin. This stage, RDigital’s web developers would bring the chosen design to life.

During the design process, RDigital will listen to your feedback as we proceed. This stage will consist of multiple drafts and edits to ensure the design is to your liking.

After having a functioning website, SEO is the next step to consider. RDigital provide a full list of SEO solutions which will help your website be organically competitive.

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