Are Google Shopping Ads for You?

The Benefits of Google Shopping Ads?

Hong Kong Is Shopping Online.


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Shopping Ads Criteria

Before you think of doing shopping ads, make sure you are first eligible to do so. 

Below are the three main criteria you need to meet in order to start a shopping ads campaign.

Sounds Complicated?

This is where RDigital comes in and help. 

Instead of wasting your time figuring out if you are qualified to start a shopping ad campaign, or the best approach to it, our Digital Specialists would do the checklist for you and let you know how to go from there. As mentioned, there are a lot of options when it comes to digital advertising. We are here to help guide you on the best way to make your campaign cost effective. 

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Did you know, having a Google Shopping Ads and Search Ads at the same time would be more beneficial than one or the other? 

When consumers are faced with both Shopping & Text Ads, they are more likely to …

  • +90% Visit a Website
  • +83% Make a Purchase
  • +77% Visit a Product Page
  • +73% Add to Cart
  • +75% Search for Brand

As compared to only one type of ad.

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