What Does the Search Network Include?


Google Search Sites :

These include Google Search, Google Pay, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Maps. 


Google Search Partners : 

For text ads, search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as Google Video and other Google sites. 

Do the math.

Google Search Advertisements have been the foundation and focus for the majority of campaigns of our clients. These are a few statistics online that shows why and highlights the importance of advertising on Google Search. 


who clicks search advertisements are more likely to make a conversion or purchase. Hence, if you would want a conversion made from your website or landing page, it is critical to have search ads due to the fact of its effectiveness. 


of the total search engine market belongs to Google. This shows the importance of advertising on Google Search as it is the platform that brings in the most search traffic. 


of Google Search clicks goes to the top three paid search results. We at RDigital emphasizes on the importance of your keywords to land on the first three results. Hence, we would suggest different strategies and implementations to help you achieve that. 

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With the help of RDigital’s team, we can identify which search network and the type of ads are the most beneficial and effective for your business and marketing campaign. Furthermore, RDigital will study the market and your business to come up with a keyword proposal which will be our suggestion of what keywords you should bid on for your business.