What is the Google Display Network?

What are the Benefits of Display Ads?

Few Simple Tips for GDN Banners

Why Google Display Network is Cost Effective. 

As mentioned above, the Google Display Network is a financially beneficial channel to promote and spread awareness of  your brand and/or product. It is inexpensive when compared to Search Engine Marketing as there are over 2 million+ websites that have partnered with Google. Hence, this translates to thee fact that there are tons of inventory space for banner ads to appear. This is ultimately what makes it so inexpensive compared to other channels of digital marketing. 

With that said, you may think that the Google Display Network is not that effective as it can appear on so many different websites and placements. However, what makes GDN so effective is the fact that they have a ton of targeting options to choose from. Targeting options such as choosing specific categories which a person have recently showed interest towards, to the long term interest of a person, these targeting options can all ensure your ads to be shown towards the right audience. Hence, making GDN one of the most cost effective channels for spreading brand and product awareness.