As a China digital marketing agency, we provide a suitable advertising campaign for you to target the China market.

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What is China Marketing?​

China marketing is a marketing strategy which targets online advertising in the China market. Since the mindsets and behavior of Chinese users are different from the West, your business should also provide China marketing in order to attract Chinese potential customers by using their own search engines such as Baidu, WeChat and Weibo. As a China digital marketing agency, we can provide a suitable advertising campaign for you to target the China market.​

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What services can R-Digital provide?

Baidu SEO and SEM

R-Digital offers a professional China digital marketing campaign with a deep insight on how to increase organic ranking and how to do advertising in China search engines. We offer services like search engine optimization and search engine marketing in order to maximize the visibility of your business.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat is one of the largest social media platforms in China which Chinese are mostly engaged in. R-Digital can help you reach out to potential Chinese customers through advertisements in WeChat marketing service. We will provide ideas and plans for you to expand your business in China.

China KOL Marketing

R-Digital targets not only local KOL Marketing, but also China KOL Marketing. Aside from Baidu and WeChat, other Chinese social media platforms are equally influential. We can help boost your business by approaching Chinese KOLs and engaging in different Chinese social media platforms, such as Weibo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are around 770 million active users of Chinese search engines and social platforms, including Baidu and WeChat. The marketing strategies which are done for other platforms such as Google may not match the marketing strategies in China. As a result, you should adopt China marketing in order to target Chinese audiences.

Many platforms in China are similar to other popular platforms. For example, as a search engine, Baidu is similar to Google; As a chatting platform, WeChat is similar to WhatsApp; As a micro-blogging platform, Weibo is similar to Facebook; And as an e-Commerce platform, Xiaohongshu is similar to Instagram.! 

Unfortunately, Google Ads, including Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. do not apply in China. It is not allowed for Google to track the information through the Great Firewall. As a result, Baidu SEO needs to be done if you would like to target the China market.

There are some differences between Baidu and Google based on search engine optimization (SEO). Baidu tends to display search engine results pages (SERPs) on Chinese sites while Google is more likely to display them around the world. Also, Baidu mainly uses Mandarin Chinese while Google uses English while supporting a lot more languages. Besides, Baidu SEO makes keywords, backlinks, title tags, and meta descriptions more influential than Google SEO.

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